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If you live within the Ann Arbor // Detroit metro area OR the Athens // Atlanta metro area, you have the option of having one of us come to your home in person while the other joins the meeting virtually. If you live outside of these areas, the entire meeting will take place with us both joining virtually. Please select your preference.
With CLOTH & KIND's Virtual Vibe, we will deep dive and spend the day focusing on 1-2 specific rooms within your home. If you'd like to really flesh out the design for a space, please only select one room for us to focus on. If you're more interested in topline ideas with some specifics then feel free to select two rooms. Please tell us a bit about the space(s).
Homework *
Due to the nature of the intensive one day Virtual Vibe session, you will be asked to complete some homework prior to our day together so that we can make the most use of our time together. This will include taking detailed photos and measurements of the space(s) and any existing furnishings you would like to make use of as well as thoughtfully completing a design questionnaire and doing some inspirational pinning to a private Pinterest board for our collaborative project. Once your VIrtual Vibe session is scheduled, we'll send you a detailed list of what you will need to do prior to our day. Are you game?
Please provide us with three dates that would work well for your Virtual Vibe session. The first date you provide should be at least 3 weeks from today. Virtual Vibe sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday from 10 am - 4 pm ET, with a one hour non-working lunch break.
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Desired Virtual Vibe Date // Option No. 1
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Desired Virtual Vibe Date // Option No. 2
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Desired Virtual Vibe Date // Option No. 3
Other Important Stuff
Virtual Vibe is available for a flat fee of $2,500. We will do our best to accommodate your date requests, but do not guarantee it. Final date will be determined upon receipt of payment in full. Due to the nature of our busy schedules, there will be no refunds issued for cancelled Virtual Vibe dates. Upon receipt of this form, we will contact you to finalize your date and issue an invoice which can be paid online. We'll also send you some specifics about your homework so you know exactly how to prepare. Oh, and now that we have all of that serious stuff out of the way... it's going to be a ton of fun and we can't wait to work with you! xx Krista & Tami