Want a single place to go to start your interior design projects? Nowhere is our addiction to textiles more evident than on Pinterest.

Since the launch of this social media phenom, we’ve been fervently pinning into our Textile Files - folders created for fabrics sorted by hue. Our golden rule for pinning is simple - we only pin what we absolutely love. Also notable is the fact that we don’t just pin our own showroom lines, we pin from the world over, making this a truly invaluable resource.

Previously public, The CLOTH & KIND Textile Files are now available as a resource exclusively for our friends and peers in the interior design community. To gain access, all you need to do is fill out the form below and you’ll receive an email with your unique link. Once in Pinterest, be sure to click the accept button so you can easily find the board and stay up to date as new prints are added.


we only ask that y'all respect this labor of love of ours by adhering to the following rules & regs

These are not collaborative boards, so please DO NOT add or remove pins from any of The Textile Files boards for any reason whatsoEVAH.

You can, and totally should, feel free to repin from The Textile Files to your own boards as much and as often as you'd like!

Don't add additional followers to The Textile Files boards. Anyone interested in gaining access to the boards needs to know the secret handshake (aka - they must request it directly from submitting their contact info below).

If you’re bugging out and not following these rules, then in pure soup nazi style, no boards for you!


Aimed at all serious textile freaks like me, CLOTH & KIND’s Textile Files are a great source for digging around.

John Robshaw


Without fail, we consistently find ourselves turning to CLOTH & KIND’s Textile Files on Pinterest. For two gals in love with pattern and color, it’s one of the most comprehensive collections of prints on the web. We often call showrooms to supplement our own office library based on finds from Krista & Tami’s Textile Files.

Anne Maxwell Foster & Suysel Depedro Cunningham, Tilton Fenwick


It’s hard not to be wonderfully lost in the impressive Textile Files. It’s a curated collection of only the best, and while each gallery is eclectic with regard to aesthetic and style, Krista & Tami have compiled each section so beautifully that it makes searching through a nearly effortless task.

Zak Profera, Zak & Fox


I’m wholly in love with CLOTH & KIND’s Pinterest boards. The Textile Files are an absolute treasure trove; far beyond inspiration boards, they are a virtual reference library cataloging Krista & Tami’s incredible and wide-tanging taste.

Laura Aviva, L’aviva Home


The Textile Files on Pinterest are an amazingly well-curated library of fabric product. Krista & Tami’s aesthetic and edited collection has a great mix of contemporary and artisanal textiles.

Seema Krish


If you are at all interested in the joy of fabric, these boards are for you. Wonderfully edited into manageable bites, all looking through Krista & Tami’s amazing visual lens.

Mally Skok, Mally Skok Design