ABOUT SOUTHERN STYLE NOW // In 2017, Krista & Tami were hand selected by Robert Leleux of Southern Style Now to design a space in the 2nd annual Traditional Home showhouse in historic Savannah, GA. The pair ultimately chose the Morning Room, an intimate gathering nook directly off of the kitchen that is filled with bright light and which they deemed the ideal place for curling up with a cup of coffee to read the morning news... [ see below for more information about the home and CLOTH & KIND's inspiration for their space. ]

The Southern Style Now festival - currently in its 2nd year - is a joyful celebration of interior design, marked by keynotes, panel discussions, cocktail and dinner parties, exhibitons, and a showhouse featuring best-in-class interior designers that hail from the South. Proceeds from the showhouse, presented by Traditional Home, benefit The Historic Savannah Foundation

In 2017, Southern Style Now also partnered with SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design, to bring the festival to life, complete with art exhibitions, book signings, antiques and architectural tours, artisan demonstrations, shopping, and more.

CLOTH & KIND'S INSPIRATION // For this space, we sought inspiration from the beaknik musings of the Bloomsbury Set - a group of English artists, intellectuals, philosophers and writers who worked and studied together near Bloomsbury, London in the first half of the 20th century, and whose bohemian ways greatly influenced the aesthetics of their time and beyond. Lounge-like, a bit rumpled, far less than perfect - this space is meant to be an artist's retreat. A place to bask in the morning light with time to enjoy the simple pleasures of one's coffee, the art that surrounds, and to take the time to contemplate. 

OUR PARTNERS // Sincere thanks to each of our invaluable partners, vendors, suppliers and work rooms that made our space possible. Listed here in no particular order: Matthew Allan Homes, Ava SherickAna Nance, Samuel & Sons, Holly Hunt Textiles, Laura Deems, Suzanne Allen Studio, Shandells, Kate Lewis Art1st Dibs, Sydney Harbour Paint Company, Circa Lighting, Eliko Antique & Decorative Rugs, Madison MarketsMinty 20th Century Design & DecorBeth Hodges Soft FurnishingsHeavy Friends, Travis & CompanyMaresca Textiles,  Bastideaux Artisan Textiles, Nicky Rising and of course, the incredible teams at both Traditional Home & Southern Style Now.

PHOTOGRAPHY CREDIT // Richard Leo Johnson Photography