Poggenpohl Perfection

Oh, how we marvel at the smallest of design details. The truth is, the greatest things about design often lie in the seemingly smallest of details and, for us, it is those very details that separate the average from the extraordinary. So when we had the opportunity to spend some time talking with Neil Bailey, US President and CEO of Poggenpohl, one of the sponsors of our recent BlogTourLA trip, it's no wonder we found ourselves hanging on his every word about what differentiates this brand from others. Hint, hint... the perfection is all in the details.

Here are just a few of the things that impressed us most...

1 | The +MOTION mechanism requires only the slightest of touches to open and close drawers, both quickly & quietly. We couldn't stop playing with this feature. You barely have to graze the cabinet and it intuitively opens and closes as if at your command. You feel like a magician!

2 | Interior drawer unit lights switch on automatically when the drawer is opened. What a bright idea!

3 | A ladder for accessing high storage can be hidden behind a cabinet plinth. We love a cleverly stored lift!

4 | Drawer runners are positioned beneath the drawers themselves, enabling more storage within the drawer... and the options available to customize the inside of drawers are mind-boggling--in the best possible way. Organized at last!

We each left the Poggenpohl showroom craving one version or another of an ultra modern, uberly well-designed kitchen from this European master of luxury cabinetry. What about you? Would you ever put a sleek, modern kitchen in your home? Which details are most important to you in your own kitchen?