Taking A Little Time

The move-in date for our new/old house reno has been pushed back so many times that I've lost count (literally). Our project timeline was originally 9 months and we're now 7 months past that point. We were supposed to be moving in tomorrow, but it's been pushed back yet another week so now we're aiming for next Thursday. Will it actually happen? Anyone care to place bets?! All that aside, I can honestly say that when we are settled in and every last thing is unpacked in this beautiful old home, which I'm so proud to have been able to breathe life back into, all of these pains and delays will be well worth it. We're in the home stretch but there are still so, so many little final details to manage that I've decided to take the next couple of weeks off from the blog to allow myself the extra time to enjoy the process of finishing it up and moving in. I hope you have a wonderful August and look forward to getting back to blogging every day and showing off my new house to you all soon. xo KRISTA