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Pink Raspberry

Hue: Pink Raspberry | CLOTH & KIND

Fabric: Bolton in Pink Raspberry from Penny Morrison  | Marie Antoinette Cherry BlossomsRoom | Feathers

Do you all remember the fabulous Tonal Knockouts post that Tami did on her blog a while back called Ode to Pink? I do... In fact, it was one of those posts that she did which drew me in, as so many of them did - that combo of her alluring writing paired with unique finds that I wasn't seeing elsewhere in the blogosphere - all left me wanting to know more about this talented designer. Fast forward to present and here I am, lucky enough to be partners in crime with this creative force of nature! I can't tell you all how fortunate I consider myself to be working with her on a daily basis - collaborating on everything from our client projects to our blog to our online atelier, which will be launching later this year. Good, good things are in the works, let me just tell you.

Tami's original post was inspired by someone she has long admired and now I do too - Jennifer Crenshaw, a textile artist who lives in Tami's hometown of Athens, GA - and in particular her board titled Favorite Things in Pink Minor. Trust us, you want to follow her for a glimpse of this colorful and artistic world through her visonary lens.

From time to time, we'll be resurrecting pieces from Tami's old blog here on CLOTH & KIND but in the meantime check it out here if you have an itch for more.