Paper Craft

Ann Wood

In these gray days of January, a beautiful meadow ushers forth from the studio of artisan Ann Wood.  Ann creates fine, mixed media artwork from paper and wire of flowers and feathers, butterflies  and leaves.

 Her work is extremely delicate.  She manipulates the paper and wire, with drawing and by making very fine cuts with small embroidery scissors.  

Ann then hand sews her creations to wool and velvet backgrounds, framing her compositions in vintage frame stock. 

Ann's exquisitely detailed work is fanciful, yet realistic.  She explains that she is directly inspired by historical botanicals, and long ago craftsmanship.  

When I first saw her art, I was instantly reminded of the glorious botanicals created in the 18th century by Mary Delany:  

Delany also fashioned her flowers from paper using small embroidery scissors. While Delany's depiction of botanical specimens was scientifically accurate down to the precise color, size, leaf,  and stamen, Ann imagines a more dreamlike garden.

How wonderful that we can turn to the artwork of Ann Wood and find a perpetual spring, even in the depth of winter. 

IMAGE CREDITS // All images of Ann Wood's artwork from her website.   Image of Mary Delany's artwork from the book Mrs Delaney, Her life and Her Flowers by Ruth Hayden.