Fadini Borghi

Young Huh

ABOUT // Young Huh is the founder of Young Huh Interiors, a NY based full service design firm specializing in residential and commercial interiors. 

I am sharing with you two pillows that I have in my living room.  These are special to me because they were the first purchases I made for myself.  I absolutely adore Fortuny fabrics, but I couldn't afford to cover an entire sofa or even a chair, so I had four pillows made in one of my all time favorite prints - Persiano.  I chose the color seafoam green and white.  It’s a classic persian flower motif that you see globally in textiles, but the Fortuny printing process gives each flower a unique quality - like a painting.  The white background is not a pure uniform white, but slightly mottled and the green flowers have undertones of blue which gives the fabric a depth and singularity that continually interests me.

To accompany the Persiano pillows, I had others made in Fadini Borghi's Subbiano in color azzuro.  The print looks like marbleized paper but it is woven - not printed - giving it wonderful color depth, sheen and texture.  I love to get lost looking at the waves - its like looking at the ocean.  While the green and blue colors carry me away to the sea and to a very peaceful place, the gold silk threads add glamour and contrast. 

I made sure my workroom slightly understuffed the feather and down filling for the pillows.  I don’t like pillows that look or feel too dense.  Silk fringe and rope trim from Rogers & Goffigon complete their look.  I sink into these pillows daily.  I lay my head on them to read or take naps, behind my back for extra support.  These pillows have become soft and pliant over the years, but they haven't lost a bit of their beauty or charm.