No. 42

Palette No. 42 // CLOTH & KIND

We had a visit from our Donghia rep this week and were completely enchanted with Pierre Frey's Spring 2015 Origines collection, which is a textile tribute to indigenous tribes from around the wold. Sandy, with its embroidery and shells, is a motif based on the necklaces made and worn by Aboriginal people and Kagura is a printed linen toile depicting partially overlapping traditional Japanese theatre masks in bold colors.  Gorgeous, no?! We paired these two stunners with a versatile new Dominique Kieffer tweed and simply adore the fact that its salvage can be cut and used as a brush trim. 

LEFT // Sandy in Lin/Corail from Pierre Frey (#F3022002)
MIDDLE // Kagura in Tutti Frutti from Pierre Frey (#F3009001)
RIGHT // Tweed Couleurs in Laguna from Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli (#17224-02)