Detroit Rug Restoration

Detroit Rug Restoration

Y'all know we love nothing more than supporting small businesses because these are the makers & artisans, the shopkeepers & visionaries, the heart & soul behind what keeps our communities authentic. We can think of no better example than Edmond & Angela, the brother and sister team who founded and run Detroit Rug Restoration, and were blown away when we recently visited their space on 8 Mile Road in Detroit

The pair's great grandfather founded DRR's sister company, Hagopian, a rug cleaning company, in 1939 but it wasn't until Edmond & Angela recognized the importance of preserving handwoven and hand-knotted rugs and the growing movement for layering vintage rugs in modern homes that Detroit Rug Restoration was born. 

Because this company is one of a very small handful of highly reputable workrooms in the country that offers specialty restoration services like re-weaving, fringe replacement, and more, they have the privilege of working on rugs from from around the world. Damn, we are fortunate to have them in our own backyard! Not only because of what kind and genuine people Edmond, Angela and their entire, wicked talented team are, but also because of their deep and vast supply of jaw-dropping antique and vintage rugs.   

I have always thought of rugs as having life to them... Like the weaver left a little of their soul in each piece they created. Beautifully crafted rugs age a lot like people. Not better or worse, just very different over time… very human.
— Edmond Hagopian

Detroit Rug Restoration also welcome custom requests - so if you're looking for a rug of a specific size, style or color palette give them a shout and they just may be able to track something perfect down for you. They even buy great pieces, so before you donate or toss that old rug, talk to these guys.  

Shop now and check back frequently as they are constantly refreshing their inventory (what you see online is only a very small fraction of the incredible rugs they have stacked up in their facility). Enjoy!

CLOTH & KIND // Krista & Tami

We love us some vintage rugs here at CLOTH & KIND Interiors. Here are a few of our personal favorites in recent design projects. Check out our Portfolio for more and Contact Us to get something beautiful going in your own home.