Brown Textiles

No. 24: Three Options

Palette No. 24 | CLOTH & KIND

We simply can't choose our favorite from today's three palettes... All of them are based around fabulous Muriel Brandolini fabrics that range from a traditional pineapple motif to a super mod & retro pattern. What tickles us the most is that all of the patterns work equally well with Maresca's Geo Stripe (with that perfect little french knot detail that absolutely makes the fabric) and the graphic Clay McLaurin Manji pattern.

Palette No. 24 | CLOTH & KIND
Palette No. 24 | CLOTH & KIND

So, which one resonates most with you?

Happy weekend, guys!


Nympheus & Song


I've been somewhat obsessed with this Nympheus fabric from Lee Jofa ever since I first laid eyes on it at BlogFest. In fact, I have already written about it once before. It's a very old pattern dating back to 1915 Thailand that came from Lee Jofa's archives. Thomas O'Brien has recently reimagined it in two new colorways - Aubergine (above) & Teal. Since it's been so on my mind, I absolutely had to integrate it into our new/old house reno somewhere and the little back hallway/mudroom ended up being the perfect place for it. With just one window, this was the most amazing fabric choice to add a powerful punch of interest to a space that is often neglected from a design standpoint in many homes. It was also a good choice budget-wise because the window is small and this fabric is - ahem, not inexpensive, shall we say. Then when I found Madeline Weinrib's Song runner in Pumpernickel the deal was sealed. These two textiles were meant to be together and they make me very, very happy every time I come and go out the back door of our new/old home.

Do you have a fabric that you've always dreamed of using in your home or am I the only one who fantasizes about textiles? Please tell me I'm not alone.