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CLOTH & KIND Interiors // Papillon

Fabric: Dessin Fournir's Papillon Hand Painted Silk Panels in Turquoise & Pink // Chandelier // Cups // Rug // Pillow // Photo // Angie Hranowsky Interior

Here at CLOTH & KIND, we're all presently obsessing over this stunning handmade silk fabric from Dessin Fournir called Papillon. Since you need designer credentials to enter their site and not everyone reading this may be able to do so, we wanted to share a bit more about it... Jean Papillon I, woodblock engraver and master domino maker, was the founder of the Paris Papillon workshop and brainchild behind this 18th Century movement. Papillon combines pencil drawing with watercolor painting and silk screen printing. It is available in four colorways. Isn't it a stunner?!