Something Sacred // 5 Years in the Making

Something Sacred | CLOTH & KIND

Five years ago, back when CLOTH & KIND was still just the beginnings of an idea being tossed around within the catacombs of my mind, I stumbled upon this Me & Ro pendant. It has the Tamil word for sacred engraved on the front and the English translation on the back. The day that I found & bought this talisman I made a promise to myself that I would treat this yet unborn passion project of mine with great reverence and ultimately find a way to make it my full-time job.

I didn't yet have the full vision for what CLOTH & KIND would eventually become, but I knew at my very core that it was unequivocally what I wanted to spend my days and nights doing. So slowly, ever so slowly but surely, I chipped away at exploring my lifelong love of textiles & interior design, and found a new affection for blogging along the way. And just like everything that's meant to be in life, my path serendipitously crossed with Tami's just as I was feeling like the only thing missing was my creative other half. Together, we have taken this fledgling company to great heights which I always knew would be reached eventually but never dreamed would be happening so quickly... and we're only truly just getting started in earnest.

Today I'm turning that promise I made to myself over five years ago into  a reality. I have left my (absolutely wonderful, totally stable and awesome paying + full benefits) full-time job (GULP!) in order to dedicate myself entirely to CLOTH & KIND. And while this is about fulfilling that promise from all those years ago to myself, it's also about so, so much more. It's about living an authentic life. It's about aligning the thoughts and dreams in my head with how I live my day to day existence. I don't want a life that looks good on the outside but is depriving my soul on a daily basis. It's about getting messy, making mistakes, but growing and learning every step of the way so that at the end of this precious life I won't ever have to look back with any regrets. To me, allowing myself to love what I love, without restriction, is the ultimate form of authenticity and I refuse to settle for anything less. And while I will admit that I'm scared out of my fricking mind, I've also never been more certain of anything in my life.