Stacy Waggoner

I've got another Show & Tell double feature today! Stacy Waggoner & Kate Reynolds from Studio Four are sharing each of their favorite fabric-based design elements in their own homes with us. With their extraordinary taste in textiles (just look at the incredible collection of lines they rep at their studio) you know this is gonna to be good.


 "At Studio Four we represent a fantastic variety of fabric and wallpaper lines, so we are surrounded every day by the most amazing designs.  It makes it hard to pick a fabric to use at home, but sometimes it hits you and you say 'that's it - it's perfect!' - like I did with the Tiepolo fabric from Pintura Studio that I used for my bedroom curtains."


"Pintura Studio is run by Christine Isles and Ed Rollins - I've known them for years and they have a crazy amount of talent. They started their career hand-stenciling projects for interior designers and then turned their amazing stencils into a collection of the most gorgeous hand-screened fabrics and wallpapers.  And they are made right here in New York.  To me, the Pintura designs feel very old world and luxuriously modern at  the same time. I am in love with their fabric Tiepolo - this cool exotic design combines Venetian and Ottoman details that also has this Chinese Deco vibe. Very worldly.  I love the murky aubergine color that shades from a bright purple to charcoal to almost black - I've used it on curtains in my bedroom, where I also have this great channel-backed slipper chair that belonged to my grandmother. When I was a child, she had it in a peacock blue that was super glamorous - I've just re-upholstered it in a luxe charcoal velvet from Dominique Picquier with a chartreuse detail that matches my walls."