Lauren Bennett

The best part about being in school, as I'm often reminded by my son and daughter, is show & tell. I'm convinced that this is because no matter what your age it's always fascinating to get glimpses into other people's worlds and the things that inspire them. Show & Tell is a new column that provides a peek at the fabrics people love most in their homes... and I'm sure that it will allow us to learn a thing or two in the process. Geez - those teachers really do know what they are doing! First up is Lauren Bennett from the oh-so-lovely Australian textile company, Walter G. Lauren's partner in crime, Genevieve Fennel, will be sharing her favorite textile later today in the second installation of Show & Tell, so be sure to check back in after lunch & recess.


"I have so many treasures scattered around my home and stuffed in suitcases that every now and then I get out to pat, but every time my eyes pass this gem my heart races. For me it is a work of art and it is a permanent hanging fixture in my home (apart from when it is being worn by yours truly!)…"


"It is a vintage shepherd's jacket, which is typically worn by the herders throughout Rajasthan. It is all cotton with beautiful gathering around the chest and the finest plum coloured embroidery throughout it. The arms are insanely long as if it were made for camel! The combination of all these elements are, as most textile gems you find in India, effortlessly put together to create something simply sublime."


"Just to think that this work of art, which I could see being strutted down the catwalk at Paris fashion week, is worn by a simple village man, herding his sheep in the dusty deserts of Rajasthan makes me smile and instantly teleports me back to the incredible India." - Lauren Bennett, Walter G

If you have any questions about this stunning jacket, raise your hand (ie - leave a comment below) and Lauren will do her best to answer.

Are you already familiar with Lauren & Genevieve's seriously incredible line of textiles & other interior goodies? If not, you MUST take a moment to visit Walter G. There's also lots and lots of their beautiful pieces throughout The Textile Files. I'm kind of obsessed myself. What do you think?

Last but not least...If you have a really special textile (anything from your bedding to a rug to an incredible pillow, etc etc etc) with an interesting story behind it that you'd like me to consider sharing in an upcoming edition of Show & Tell, please shoot me an email at info(at)clothandkind(dot)com with "Raising my hand for Show & Tell" in the title of the email. Kindly include a couple of hi-res photos and a brief description of your item. Please note that there are lots of kids in line for Show & Tell so I can't promise that everyone will get a turn, but will do my best to share a well-curated collection of the most interesting & inspiring textiles out there from all corners of this creative planet of ours.