Hilary Walker

Today's guest is the talented Hilary Walker, the author of Hilary Inspired, a blog about style, art, and life. She's also a designer offering freelance interior design assistance and social media management to some well-respected Dallas based firms like Pulp Design StudiosPulp Design StudiosStudio Ten 25, and Denise McGaha Interiors.


"To be completely honest, I haven't researched much about this vintage screen depicting flying cranes. I happened upon it about a year ago in a wonderfully serendipitous thrifting moment while browsing my favorite local thrift store one day. I'd been looking for a unique piece of artwork to fill a void in my dining space, walked in with few hopes of finding anything, and then BAM... there it was just waiting for me to find it!"


"I was actually surprised that no one else had snatched it up yet. So, of course, I made a b-line for its corner of the store. As it turns out, the dimensions are perfect for my wall and the figurative subject, aged appearance, and warm tones fit my style and current home decor beautifully!"


"A quick Google search would probably enlighten me on a few unknown details, but the mystery of it has become half the fun. Who knows where this worn thing has been and I kind of like it that way!!"