D. Bryant Archie


"One of my favorite textiles is an old aso oke tapestry from Nigeria.  "Aso Oke" translates to "high cloth". It's composed of narrow (approx. 4") hand-woven panels sewn together.  About 50-60 years old, made of cotton and lurex and traditionally a man's decoration, the tapestry was most likely worn on special occasions."


"I usually deconstruct these vintage textiles and sew them into pillows. However, when it arrived, I was blown away with the unique color combination of this one (magenta, indigo, cobalt, tan). I draped it over my favorite wing chair, then happened to peer into my bedroom later that day and it hit me.  The wall color combined with the hues of the vintage velvet chair fabric and tapestry patterning are both calm and exciting."


"I love its rustic character which reflects its history, significance and handmade origin." - D. Bryant Archie

If you have any questions about this brilliant aso oke textile, raise your hand (ie – leave a comment below) and Bryant will do her best to answer.