Cara Scarola


ABOUT | Cara Scarola & Andy Beers are co-founders and principal interior designers at Ore Studios. I tend to gravitate towards cool neutrals, so the vast majority of our home is done in gray, charcoal, and white.  I didn’t want the house to seem sterile and uninviting, so I felt it was important to introduce a textile that would lend the space both some warmth and an element of whimsy.  My husband and I have two small children, so our lifestyle is casual and often chaotic.  We love beautiful things, but because of the kids, function is of utmost importance.  As soon as our first child began to walk, we opted to get rid of our coffee table in favor of a slipcovered ottoman, which we had upholstered in this 100% linen print by Romo (that has since been discontinued) – soft corners to prevent injuries and easy washability for inevitable spills. We also had it made into a couple of throw pillows.


Andy and I are fans of Romo’s floral prints – fun, not overly feminine, and offered at a price point that is realistic for young families.  I like this particular print not only for its vibrancy, but also because it is equally appealing to adults and children – it doesn’t read as stuffy, but it also doesn’t scream playroom.


The ottoman is really the center of our living room – it serves a multitude of purposes: a surface to build legos, a place to put our popcorn on movie nights, a spot to spread out paperwork when doing the bills, etc.  Over time and with each washing, the fabric has become softer and a bit faded, but I have to say that I like these qualities – they’re indicative of all the time that we spend together as a family.  So, in this sense, this very basic piece of furniture and the textile that covers it have become somewhat sentimental to me – sort of silly for an ottoman, but it is what it is. CARA