Anne-Marie Midy & Jorge Almada


Today's Show & Tell guests are Anne-Marie Midy & Jorge Almada of Casamidy. Their incredibly unique furniture company combines contemporary design with traditional artisan methods of manufacturing and the results are astonishingly beautiful. You may recall that Laura Aviva of L'Aviva Home mentioned Casamidy in her recent Limelight post here on the blog, and I've also been a long time Casamidy admirer so you'll find them listed in CLOTH & KIND's Little Black Book as well as an abundance of their pieces on my furniture board on Pinterest. I quite simply can not rave enough about the design and craftsmanship that is coming out of this beautiful company and so I'm thrilled to welcome Anne-Marie and Jorge to the blog today to tell us about a favorite textile that is in their home.

"We have a wonder fabric that we almost found by pure chance. In Mexico City there is an area that specializes in "lonas" (duck canvas). They no longer sell canvas, but plastic tarps. In a hidden shop and after much looking we found a waxed cotton fabric, which has proven to be an inspiration to many of our new designs.”


IMAGE | A fond memory from Jorge's childhood inspires his love for this fabric that he and Anne-Marie now use on many of their furniture pieces.

“The fabric is waxed and backed in vinyl. It is completely waterproof yet does not feel synthetic to the touch. We also love the grey-green hue, which is combines with everything whether it is set against iron, oak or bright colors. The fabric is very unique in that it is rigid without being thick. This makes it perfect for paneling over metal frames as the fabric doesn't give.”


IMAGES | Top: The fabric is used on the sofa in Anne-Marie & Jorge's living room at their home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Bottom: Their dog, Toka, resting on the virtually indestructible fabric.

“Because it is so perfect for weekend, summer or kids it enables us to design furniture that is really intended to be used in a rough manner.”