John Robshaw


what is your idea of perfect design happiness? LOOKING FOR VINTAGE TEXTILES.

what is your greatest fear in design? NO FEARS.

which historical design figure do you most identify with? ELLSWORTH KELLY, PAINTER.

which living designer do you most admire? BUNNY WILLIAMS, SHE RUNS A TIGHT SHIP.


what profession other than design would you like to attempt? PAINTER, PLEASE.

what is your greatest design extravagance? ANTIQUE TEXTILES.

when and where were you happiest with your design? IN INDIA AT THE WORKSHOPS.


what do you consider your greatest achievement in design? BRINGING A NEW TAKE ON BLOCK PRINTING TO A WIDER MARKET.

if you died and came back as another designer or design object, who or what do you think it would be? CAN I BE A FERRARI?

what specific design related talent are you lacking that you would you most like to have? PATIENCE.

what is your most treasured design related possession? MY COUNTRY HOUSE.

what do you regard as the lowest depths of misery in design? TRADE SHOWS.

what curse word do you most frequently use? SHIT, MAN.

what is your favorite design related word? COOL.

what is your least favorite design related word? INTERESTING.

what turns you on in design? NEW IDEAS, NEW TECHNIQUES.

what turns you off in design? PRINTS I’VE SEEN BEFORE.

what is your motto in design? KEEP ON TRUCKING.


IMAGE CREDITS | Bunny Williams' image via, John Robshaw fabrics included are Lanka OysterTumeric Light Indigo and Hedge bedding, All other images courtesy of John Robshaw.

PROUST ON DESIGN | Answered by my design icons, these must-ask questions come from a 19th century parlor game made popular by Marcel Proust, the French novelist, essayist & critic. This interview technique has been used by many journalists throughout the years but my column was primarily inspired by The Proust Questionnaire, which appears monthly on the back page of Vanity Fair(my alma mater). The twist here on CLOTH & KIND is that I've repurposed each question to relate to interior design. To read all of my Proust on Design interviews, please click here. Enjoy!