Christopher Farr

what is your idea of perfect design happiness? THE ULINE CATALOGUE.

what is your greatest fear in design? OVER DESIGN.

 which historical design figure do you most identify with? CARLO MOLLINO.

which living designer do you most admire? PAOLA NAVONE.

what profession other than design would you like to attempt? STEEPLEJACK. A CRAFTSMAN WHO SCALES LARGE BUILDINGS.

what is your greatest design extravagance? BOOKS.

when and where were you happiest with your design? ST LUKE'S COLLEGE OXFORD LIBRARY CARPET (8' X 57').

what do you consider your greatest achievement in design? ALWAYS WILLING TO TAKE RISKS.

if you died and came back as another designer or design object, who or what do you think it would be? A STANLEY AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM STAPLE GUN.

what specific design related talent are you lacking that you would you most like to have? MODESTY.

what is your most treasured design related possession? THE NUMBER ONE EDITION OF GENTRY MAGAZINE. NO 1 WINTER 1951. TWO DOLLARS.

what do you regard as the lowest depths of misery in design? BRAVO TELEVISION.

what curse word do you most frequently use? BOLLOCKS.

what is your favorite design related word? WELL BEHAVED.

what is your least favorite design related word? WELL BEHAVED.

what turns you on in design? COHERENCE.

what turns you off in design? INCOHERENCE.


ABOUT PROUST ON DESIGN | Answered by our design icons, these must-ask questions come from a 19th century parlor game made popular by Marcel Proust, the French novelist, essayist & critic. Proust believed the direct questions and honest responses that they elicited revealed the true nature of the individual. For this column, we have put a design related spin on the traditional questions. While this method has been used by many journalists throughout the years, we were primarily inspired by The Proust Questionnaire, which appears monthly on the back page of one of our all time favorite magazines, Vanity Fair (also Krista’s alma mater). Read all of the previous Proust on Design questionnaires here.