Lonny, October 2013

If I were half as eloquent of a writer as my beloved partner in crime, Tami Ramsay, I may be able to adequately articulate the tremendous sense of joy and pride I'm feeling over her wonderfully storied home being featured in this month's Lonny magazine.

But, alas, I have never been exceptionally good with the written word so I will allow these incredible photos of her home - so beautifully shot by Sarah Dorio, and the gracefully written piece by Kate Abney - speak on my behalf.

We both want to give everyone at Lonny, especially Sarah, Kate and Catherine Dash - the brainchild of this story - big old virtual smooches and hugs. Thank you, most sincerely. Now go check out the full story, y'all  (there's lots more photos to be seen) - and be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Tami Ramsay, you rock.