House Beautiful, November 2013

Press: House Beautiful, November 2013 | CLOTH & KIND

Did you happen to catch Tami's stunning floral arrangement in the new November issue of House Beautiful?

Here's what she had to say about it.... "I was inspired by the warm golden hues of autumn here in the South. I used dried cardoon pods that I grew from seeds collected from Monticello, feather-light dried hydrangea, curly kiwi vine, cotton bolls plucked from a field in Georgia, and gourds cut from the vine - all nestled in a brass vessel."

I've always known that it's Tami's gathered approach to both floral and interior design that make her work so storied. At CLOTH & KIND, our goal is always to mix old with new and to curate the most interesting mix of pieces to fill a space that will tell the story of its homeowners. What a wonderful example this floral arrangement is of that exact notion.