No. 35

We've been so busy working on client projects and getting our new website ready for launch (sneak peek below) that somehow a whole week has gone by with nary a blog post! ... but Friday just wouldn't be Friday without Palette. TOP RIGHT | Vintage Hand Dyed Throw from Mali, available at Nicky Rising  TOP LEFT |  Tashkent Embroidered from Tulu Textiles  BOTTOM | Matsushima Wave Wallpaper from de Gournay

Thanks again to our dear friend Nicky Rising who allowed us to crash her beautiful showroom for an afternoon and put together several Palettes while we were in LA for our LCDQ Legends 2014 event. We could have developed a year's worth of Palettes between her gorgeous stash of vintage textiles and the incredible lines of wallpapers and textiles that she represents.

Oh, and here's a glimpse of our new site, launching very soon (we are SO, SO, SOOOO stinkin' excited about it!)

CLOTH & KIND New Website (launching very soon!)
CLOTH & KIND New Website (launching very soon!)

Happy weekend, guys! xx