No. 33: Nicky Rising

What an insanely wonderful whirlwind of a week here in Los Angeles! One of the best parts, hands down, of being here in celebration of the LCDQ Legends event (and our custom designed Goldfinger window at Sydney Harbour Paint) was the time we were able to spend with our peers and friends in the interior design industry.

Case in point. Yesterday we crashed Nicky Rising - an all time favorite CLOTH & KIND showroom - and had her put together today's Palette for us on the fly. We adore what Nicky and her fabulous showroom manager John threw together, all built around this divine showpiece of a vintage rug. Bright and cheerful, just like beautiful Nicky. Here she is pulling it all together.


We're headed home to Ann Arbor & Athens today and couldn't be more ready to get back to our real worlds, our families (good lord, do we miss them!) and our clients, but it's been a blast LA. Thank you to everyone for being such gracious hosts, especially the LCDQ and Sydney Harbour Paint.

TOP RIGHT | Bermuda by Chapas Textiles (#09-20A) from Nicky Rising

TOP LEFT | Mahmut in Pink by Tulu Textiles (#n/a) from Nicky Rising

BOTTOM | Vintage Pictorial Khotan Chinese Wool Rug, early 20c (#n/a) from Nicky Rising