Nympheus & Song


I've been somewhat obsessed with this Nympheus fabric from Lee Jofa ever since I first laid eyes on it at BlogFest. In fact, I have already written about it once before. It's a very old pattern dating back to 1915 Thailand that came from Lee Jofa's archives. Thomas O'Brien has recently reimagined it in two new colorways - Aubergine (above) & Teal. Since it's been so on my mind, I absolutely had to integrate it into our new/old house reno somewhere and the little back hallway/mudroom ended up being the perfect place for it. With just one window, this was the most amazing fabric choice to add a powerful punch of interest to a space that is often neglected from a design standpoint in many homes. It was also a good choice budget-wise because the window is small and this fabric is - ahem, not inexpensive, shall we say. Then when I found Madeline Weinrib's Song runner in Pumpernickel the deal was sealed. These two textiles were meant to be together and they make me very, very happy every time I come and go out the back door of our new/old home.

Do you have a fabric that you've always dreamed of using in your home or am I the only one who fantasizes about textiles? Please tell me I'm not alone.