Kari Fisher

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

Hi. My name is… Kari Fisher.

My company is… Kari Fisher Designs.

I’m the… Founder, Owner, Designer.

I make/design/create… I design & create made-to-order pillows sewn from my own hand-blocked linen. Inspired by my love of textiles and traditional block printing methods, I design each pattern and carve my blocks from my Atlanta studio.  Every pattern is blocked using water-based ink. Presently, there are three linen grounds, 8 patterns, and several ink colors. I also offer 3 different trim options including linen self-flange, color cording, and pom pom tassels. So many options allows for numerous combinations to fit almost anyone’s décor or style.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

Something you need to know about me is… I think what makes me and my business unique is my interior design background. I understand the needs of the designer and the client, how important quality, customization, and ultimately price are to consumers. I’ve worked under amazing designers like Victoria Hagan & Robert Brown. For them quality, classic forms, and honesty in materials have been at forefront of their design aesthetic and their mentoring has definitely influenced my own style & perspective.

Here’s how this company came to be… I’ve always played around with manipulating textiles and have grown up painting. As an interior designer & textile addict I’ve had my hand on most fabrics out there. I’m always playing with new pattern and color combinations, but there were always situations where I couldn’t find the exact pattern or color I was looking for. The turning point was as designer with KMH Interiors. We were designing a chic condo for an Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles show house and were looking for an inexpensive drapery option that had a high-end custom feel. We ended up purchasing some pre-made white linen drapery panels and I designed a simple block that gave us the pattern we wanted. It was like all of the sudden, everything clicked for me. Block printing was the perfect medium for all of the designs floating around in my head.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… I’m really loving how custom & unique my pillows can become with trim embellishments. My favorite right now is the wabi stripe with pom pom tassels…my pom poms have added a totally new dimension to my pillows. I love how through color and embellishment my fabrics can be either subtle & elegant or colorful & funky.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… I’ve been playing around with some hand painting, especially florals. Pillows are in many ways my canvas so I can really experiment with new ideas without sacrificing yards and yards of fabric and they are so easy to change out in one’s decor. Right now my patterns are one color, but I’m experimenting with using a couple different colors and layering patterns.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

I’m most proud of… Making the scary leap to start my own business. It’s stressful not knowing what will happen down the road, but I’m so proud of the work I’ve accomplished since going out on my own. I wake up early ready to go and am so excited to bring my ideas to life.

I really detest… Bookeeping is a constant struggle.

I could never have done it without this person… I’m really lucky to have a number of people supporting me & fostering my creativity, but I owe everything to my parents. I grew up painting with my mother who showed me I’m only limited by how far my imagination can take me. She recently took her support to a whole new level when she got her very first tattoo. As a bonding moment with my brother she had me rework my fish “Matsya” print to include my brothers’ and my first initials. A little silly, but that’s why I love her. As creative as my mother is, my father is very business minded and pragmatic. He has been the much appreciated voice in my head making sure I cross my “t”s and dot my “i”s.

I consistently read these for inspiration… I love when I get a chance to curl up with an Elle Decor or House Beautiful, a glass of wine, and a sharpie. I also often go back to my favorite design books like Owen Jones Decorative Ornament or Dorothy Draper’s Decorating is Fun. I’m a very visual person so Pinterest & Instagram are never-ending sources of inspiration.

I would like to share the limelight with… Probably the best upholstery & custom furniture workroom out there is Bjork Studio. If you can dream it, they can make it and better. Not only do they produce great furniture pieces with amazing attention to detail, they are also wonderful people that have been extremely supportive and champions of me & my textiles.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND