Clay McLaurin

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Hi. I’m… Clay McLaurin Todd Piercy

Our company is… Clay McLaurin Studio

We’re the… Clay: Creative Talent Todd : Numbers Genius

We make/design/create… Clay McLaurin Studio is a line of printed textiles for interiors.  Each pattern is painted by hand then printed onto beautiful Belgian linen or 100% cotton fabrics.  The collection is inspired by our travels and love of nature whether it be an object found on the coast of Maine or a textile technique learned while visiting Japan, to the tranquil hillsides of Spain.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Something you need to know about me is… Clay: I am a nature admirer.  I love taking walks through gardens, exploring woods or hiking a mountain.  I am constantly mesmerized by the beauty of our natural world.

Todd: I’m a closeted mixologist. When I'm home and find time behind our bar, I transform into this Mad Scientist of molecular libations. The drink of the moment?  The 316: The Botanist Gin, Lime, Absinthe and a good quality tonic.

Here’s how this company came to be… Clay:  Todd and I both have southern roots so when we moved from our NYC digs back to the South we realized this was a perfect opportunity to start the collection.  Ever since I studied fabric design at the University of Georgia. I've always wanted to own my own textile line.  Over the years, I've been collecting ideas and information from various jobs I've had until one day I realized I'm not getting any younger.  Both Todd and I bit the bullet, and we haven't looked back.

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… Clay:  This is a hard one as everything still feels so new, but if I had to choose, I would choose one of the patterns that surprised me most, Wave in Tahoe.  For many months I saw a small 8"x8" piece of this fabric.  Recently I was able to view 3 yards of it, and I was blown away by the movement, scale and color - something I didn't notice when looking at such a small swatch.  It's been a lot of fun to see the yardage for each fabric.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Todd: I am really surprised the impact Medallion has when it is printed in yardage. On a trip to visit our sewer, he had 5 yards in Peony rolled out on the table. That was the first time I saw this design, and it was a moment I won’t forget.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… Clay: We're currently working on a custom design for a client and we're calling it Weeping Willow.  We'll be adding it to our line soon.  We named it Weeping Willow as it brought back a childhood memory of mine.  When I was about eight, I "married" a friend of mine under the neighbors weeping willow tree!

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

I’m most proud of… Clay: The fact that we're doing this together and making it happen!  It's been a long time coming… Todd: Watching our ideas and thoughts come to life.

I really detest… Clay: Stapling tags to memos! Todd: Wasting fabric! What do you do with 3" strips of beautiful textiles?

I could never have done it without this person… Clay:  I have to say my grandmother, Mama Lena (as her grandchildren called her).  To others, her name was Elena.  She's had a huge influence on my childhood.  She taught me to appreciate nature.  I learned to garden from her.  She had a keen eye, was a master gardener and award winning floral arranger.  I look back at some of her arrangements and stare in awe.  She instilled in me quality in good design.  Elena, a large floral pattern, is named in her honor.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Todd: Hearing Clay speak about his dream for several years motivated me to spearhead this to reality. What comes out of his creative brain cells? Well…it’s pretty amazing.

I consistently read these for inspiration… Clay: The World of Interiors,Remodelista, Lonny, Cloth & Kind, The Sartorialist, John Derian, Hugo Guinness, Susan Hable's watercolors, Elle Decoration, Ellsworth Kelly Plant Drawings, 101 cookbooks

Todd: The New Yorker, Man of the World, Esquire, Bearings Guide, The Drunken Botanist, GOOD Magazine, Anchor Division, NY Times Mag

I would like to share the limelight with… Clay:  Jane Sisco, creator of beautiful, bold, dynamic screen-printed fabric for the apparel market.  She's always been an inspiration and friend who will listen.

Todd: Bungalow Classic in Atlanta. Randy and Courtney Tilinski, the owners of a boutique furniture company, have an eye for well-designed and handcrafted furniture.  They are creative, calm, and the most productive duo I have met.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

IMAGE CREDITS | All images courtesy of Clay McLaurin Studio except for the Bungalow Classic image which came from their website.