Our companies are… Chairloom, Co-Lab. & Super Rural

I'm the… MOLLY: Founder & Partner at Chairloom, Partner at Co-Lab. TRACY: Partner at both Chairloom and Co-Lab., Founder of Super Rural.

We make/design/create… Chairloom is an antique & vintage furniture reupholstery business offering (very special) fabric consultation to our clients. Co-Lab. is a collaboration between Chairloom & Super Rural. Co-Lab. is also developing a line of custom furniture pieces – benches, ottomans, and headboards. Super Rural offers Tracy’s infamous 'For Like Ever' prints.


Something you need to know about me is… MOLLY: Thanks to Chairloom, I’ve become obsessed with taking pictures. For this I am grateful. (Note from Krista: you definitely want to follow Chairloom on Instagram) TRACY: I am obsessed with design! And I have an amazing kiddo who has taught me to see so many things, among them to be grateful every day and to see the world differently.

Here’s how this company came to be… MOLLY: I’ve always been drawn to unique home furnishings and clothing, mostly due to textile appreciation. Chairloom is a marriage of unique textiles and unique furniture. When I was at the stage in life of needing to own furniture, I gained great satisfaction from choosing textiles & pieces that were “different” and my friends/peers pointed out to me that I had a unique “eye". TRACY: Molly Andrews is how Chairloom came to be. We met in 2010 while working together and our shared interests and experiences got us to talking. Gradually, ever so gradually, we just naturally started to collaborate. This led to Co-Lab., a collaboration between Chairloom & Super Rural and eventually to a partnership in Chairloom.

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… MOLLY: Co-Lab.’s benches. The century bench in Ryan Parker’s fabric and the X-benches like this recent one done for a client in Sister Parish’s Albert fabric.


TRACY: We have three amazing Milo Baughmann chairs for sale. They will all be incredible when re-done and I am anxiously awaiting someone to choose one and select an amazing textile. Space permitting, I'd redo this one for myself in a heartbeat. I also really love our custom pieces. There are endless options and opportunities for something perfect and special for your home in here.


I’m most proud of… MOLLY: Our philosophy of second chances. TRACY: I have to agree with Molly on our overall theme of sustainability through renewal and second chances - both literally and metaphorically.


I really detest… MOLLY: I wish we had a 20,000 square foot storage facility. TRACY: There is not enough time (social media could take up all my waking hours) or space - we are constantly bursting at the seams in our storage spaces.


I could never have done it without this person… MOLLY: A small business owner I know and friend named Kate Olson. She is currently taking a hiatus from the public design world. Not only does she have the best taste of anyone I know, but she escorted me to the Brooklyn Flea on opening day. I credit that event to Chairloom’s real start. TRACY: Molly Andrews! And my daughter without whom I might well be working regular 16-hour days in an agency somewhere...

I consistently follow these for inspiration... MOLLY: Lonny magazine, Rue magazine, RemodelistaHable Construction, Walter G’s blog, John Robshaw, John Derian, Andy Spade on Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram, Anthology magazine. TRACY: New York magazine, The New Yorker magazine, Lonny magazine, Hable Construction’s various social media forms, Eye magazine, CLOTH & KIND, Pinterest, Elle Décor (mainly via social media), Monocle (my husband is obsessed with this mag – the design and content is impressive), T magazine, Vanity Fair magazine (guilty pleasure!)


I would like to share the limelight with… MOLLY: Proud Mary. TRACY:  Esther Ramirez who makes the most simple, sweet and gorgeous graphically bold prints and cut paper pieces.

Pass it on. #sharethelimelight