The Beauty of Arizona


I'm fresh back from a blissful week with the family in Scottsdale, AZ. Can I just tell you how much it was needed?! I feel like a new woman, all rested & relaxed. And who wouldn't be with views like this...

But of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't stop to drool at some of the fabulous design elements along the way. Vacation or not, it's impossible for me to turn off the textile-addicted side of my personality. In particular, the vintage textiles they used to make these stunning pillows from at our resort blew. me. away.


As wonderful as the break was, I'm happy to be back in the swing of things. Does that sound crazy? This vacation has accomplished all it was supposed to - uninterrupted days with the kids and hubby, decompression time for all of us, a break from the chill temps in Ann Arbor - but I'm not one for sitting still for too long (as you may have guessed).

This week in particular is going to be a great one on the blog, with two new columns from guest editors debuting - Curated, by Tami Ramsay (who you already know from her stunningly beautiful Anatomy of Flora column here on CLOTH & KIND) and Deconstructed Kitchen, by my incredibly talented photographer and passionate home chef friend, Bonnie Berry. Art and Food. I mean, really, what could be better? I'm also quite excited to share some new Show & Tell with you. The accomplished interior design duo, Andy & Cara from Ore Studios, will be here to show us their favorite textile-based design items in their homes. So check back frequently this week... Lots going on and I want to hear what you think about it all!

PHOTO CREDITS | All photos taken by moi, via Instagram. Follow along, why don't cha?