Shapes by Christian May

When we were out in LA for all of the LCDQ Legends events, we got to hang with our super cool, irreverent and charming buddy Christian May of Maison21 and check out his innovative new Shapes rug collection which he designed exclusively for 27 Ground, run by our talented friend Ginna Christensen. Shapes is a collection of modern, geometric-influenced cowhide rugs. Each design is completely customizable in shape, pattern and color for infinite possibilities.

We asked Christian what his inspiration behind this insanely good collection was and here is what he had to say (note: we we whispering like big old dorks because there was an LCDQ Legends panel discussion happening in the room behind us! True multi-taskers, we were.)...

Look at all of the amazing things that can happen when we disconnect ourselves from wi-fi! Thank you, Christian, for sharing with us and huge, heartfelt congratulations on Shapes, which in our humble opinion is some damn good and truly innovative rug design.


Shapes rugs are available exclusively through 27 Ground at Woven Accents. IMAGE CREDITS | Photo & video taken by Krista Nye Schwartz of CLOTH & KIND.