Design Duel

I was so honored to be asked to participate in today's Design Duel over at Hello, Splendor, the blog that belongs to Beth & Carolina of the esteemed Pulp Design Studios. Hilary Walker, who you know from yesterday's Show & Tell, freelances over at Pulp and put the post together. I think it turned out just beautifully, so thank you to Beth, Carolina & Hilary! Ironically, Mimi Thorisson, from the delicious food blog Manager, and I chose very similar items - we must be kindred spirits. I adore her selections and would be honored to sit at her table any day of the week... especially if she's cooking. When I was searching for the items that I wanted to include in the Design Duel post, I found so many amazing table linens and napkin rings that I was inspired to put this together to share a few more ideas for your holiday tables. And, might I add that Barneys New York was the source for all of these beautiful pieces... I'm really loving their home selections lately.


ONE napkin + ring | TWO napkin + ring | THREE napkin + ring | FOUR napkin + ring | FIVE napkin + ring

So which pair do you like best? I can't decide myself. But come to think of it, how beautiful would a table be that was set with one of each of these? Paired with simple white plates to unify everything... Hmmmm.

P.S. Be sure to check out the Pinterest board I created for the Design Duel post.