Beatrice & Matilda


You all know about Tulu textiles, right? Tulu is the work of Elizabeth Hewitt, an American designer and antique textile specialist, who lives and works in Istanbul. She has designed the most special collection of fabrics and I'm absolutely head over heels for all of them. So, of course, I am compelled to help spread the word about her two new bedding designs. Please meet... These patterns join a handful of other unique prints available in bedding from Tulu, including two of my favorites, Alma & Madame Thar (below). Last but not least, I have to say that when I received the swatch kits I had ordered from Tulu this past week I was so delighted. To see these prints online is one thing, but to hold them in your hands and experience the colors and textures in real life is another thing all together. I snapped a few Instagram picts to share with you. Enjoy! Top: Kezban, Alvin Pink, Stella. Bottom Right: Tashkent Embroidered. Bottom Left: Gigi Blue Embroidered. All from Tulu.