Indigo Nude // Sally King Benedict Commission

There is no shortage of very unique, highly curated pieces in our LCDQ Legends 2014 window at Sydney Harbour Paint but we are both firmly rooted in the camp that this abstract gold and indigo nude which we commissioned from Atlanta artist Sally King Benedict is the pièce de résistance.

When were were first presented with the invitation to participate in this prestigious design event and told that we could choose any novel to design our window around, we spent several days discussing the literary possibilities. But no matter the subject matter, we kept coming back to the idea of a huge piece of artwork commissioned by Sally for the massive center wall in the space.

Ultimately, we settled on Ian Fleming’s novel Goldfinger as the inspiration for our window for a variety of reasons. First, who does not love the dashing and dapper agent 007 James Bond?! We consider the post-war era of the book a wildly pivotal period for art, furniture and lighting design. It was a time that eschewed the formalism of the 40s and 50s and embraced a non-conformist mix of styles, patterns, periods and colors. This speaks to our design aesthetic fundamentally, and we favor mid-century modernism over most eras of furnishings, for being lean and mean, glamorous and sophisticated. Sally's painting so beautifully captured the spirit we were creating for the space and the gold nude is our personal homage to the iconic women in the novel, Jill Masterson and, of course, Pussy Galore.


We've had a long time, very healthy obsession with Sally and her art. To know her is to love her. Just peruse our Curated column on her and you'll quickly see why. Several people have already inquired and so we are happy to relay that yes, this painting is for sale! Jump on it, guys. Sally's stunning 5' x 7' masterpiece will not be available for long and we'd love to know that this influential piece ofCLOTH & KIND Goldfinger memorabilia ends up in a fabulous home. If you are interested, please contact Sally directly at contact(at)sallybenedict(dot)com.

IMAGE CREDITS | All photos of Sally King Benedict's Indigo Nude taken by CLOTH & KIND