When my friend Zak Profera, of ZAK+FOX, recently sent me this romantic new image of some of his textiles in the  beautifully subtle pink colorway named Mountbatten, I have to admit that I was transported to an amorous place. Isn't it funny how a single image, done just right, can evoke such emotion?

Just to be clear, I wouldn't classify myself as a hopeless romantic. Like so many people I know, I tend to shun holidays like Valentines Day which seem to be wholly commercial at this point. But there is definitely a side of me that is easily stirred by beautiful, thoughtful gestures, soft-spoken words and yes, most definitely by candlelight. Maybe that explains why when I look Zak's photograph I hear the whisperings of a long ago love story and imagine the passionate adventures of the woman who is politely folding her hands in her lap. I'll leave the rest to your imagination, but wanted to share a visual interpretation of mine that was born out of the Mountbatten colorway and of that stunning photograph.


FABRIC ZAK+FOX's Katagami in Mountbatten | SKETCH Adara Sánchez Anguiano | CANDLESTICKS Wyeth | RUG  Roubini | WALLPAPER Custom via de Gournay