I'm endlessly inspired by Schumacher's Shanghai Peacock in this colorway. Cinnabar is the perfect, delicious, cozy hue for today, isn't it?  Here in Ann Arbor, it's a brisk fall day with a wind-induced chill in the air. Festa from Alora Ambiance, my favorite autumn scent, is wafting through the house as is the fragrant apple pie baking in the oven (I'm no Julia Childs, as you well know... but our nanny extraordinaire is making it in her spare time - sigh!) Needless to say, all of these things tell me that the holidays are on their way. I love this time of year - before the chaos of November & December sets in and there's this sort of calm as we all relax into the cool weather and the slower pace of the longer days.

I'm hoping that all of my East Coast friends are cozied up at home as well, trying their best to enjoy the day off due to Hurricane Sandy. Wishing you all well as you brave the storm.

Top: Shanghai Peacock in Cinnabar / Schumacher. Clockwise: Two Persimmons with Bowl by Thornton Walker / Heiser Gallery. Linen Applique Pillow / Michele Varian. Silk Ethos Rug / ABC Carpet & Home. Colorblock Apothecary Jar / Terrain.