Carnival Wheel in Paris


The lyrical abstraction of Sarah Giannobile's artwork is entrancing. I could seriously stare for a long, long time at Carnival Wheel in Paris. The muted color palette and the geometric patterns are so right up my alley. But I also think that I subconsciously chose this ferris wheel for today's post due to the ride that I am currently on called life. Here's what's up... today we are moving out of our rental house where we've been living for the last year while gut rehabbing a beautiful old house into the home we hope to live in for the next 40+ years. Moving out of the rental would be a really good thing if, in fact, we were moving into our finished home. Alas, we are moving out because we must make way for its rightful owners who are moving back in, but our final destination is still about a month away from completion. Not able to find a suitable rental house that is furnished (turns out there lots of options for college kids here in Ann Arbor, but I have no desire to relive the glory days with two kids in tow!) we have opted to stay at a lovely B & B for 30 days. Less than ideal, yes. Loss of privacy, yes. But it's really cozy and very clean (ie - no moldy beer bongs lurking in closets) and the plus side is that I won't have to make breakfast for a whole month. I'm trying very hard to be "glass is half full" about this - is it obvious?!


Whatever. Enough whining out of me! How was your weekend? And what do you think of this crazy cool Carnival Wheel in Paris?