Bolivian Frazada


If you have not yet experienced the hues of Bolivian frazadas you are in for a treat. No one has curated a more spectacular collection of these vibrant textiles than Laura Aviva of L'Aviva Home.

"Frazadas have been handwoven by Aymara women in the Andean region since pre-hispanic times, and used to protect against the high altitude cold. They make great rugs, blankets at the foot of the bed, and throws - and also tablecloths and picnic blankets (which is how they are used by many Andean families)."  - Laura Aviva

I recently purchased this incredibly beautiful one for a design project I'm working on (check back later this afternoon to see how I'm using it) and can't stop admiring its interesting color combinations. It's at once lively and muted, isn't it?