The Tooth Fairy


Alex turned 5 in July. He's in kindergarten, he's learning to read and write and if all of that isn't enough he has his very first loose tooth! Where have the last 5 years gone and when did my baby turn into such a big boy?! Ok, so while I'm trying to get over the shock of it all I've been immersing myself in the preparations for the much-anticipated inaugural visit from the tooth fairy. First, we had to help him get past his fears. At first Alex was terrified of loosing a tooth... "How will I eat my food?....I'll be soooo hungry!", "Will it hurt?", "I'm scared of the tooth fairy... is she mean?"... Every Friday at school for the last 3 weeks he's checked out a new book from the library about the tooth fairy and now he's got the basics down. He's actually pretty psyched. Tooth fairy = money for his piggy bank. He's saving up to buy a yellow convertible for his 16th birthday (I like his ambition). Since we're past all of the concerns, I'm now able to get into fun mommy (ahem, tooth fairy) stuff like this.... But I need your help, please. Since this will be the first tooth fairy visit to our house I am conducting some unofficial research... what's the going rate for a tooth these days?

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