Snow Day


I wanted to share this pretty photo with you all. I took it earlier this week right after a big old snow storm came through Ann Arbor. It was first thing the morning after the snowfall, and I captured this from our front porch. There's nothing quite as beautiful as freshly fallen snow, is there?...

Especially for the kids who LOVE eating it! School was closed so they enjoyed the day off romping in the fresh snow and building a snowman that they later named Franklin. He's now half melted and kind of looks like a drunken sailor, all tipped over to one side. All week it's been the kids' favorite thing to talk about ...  "Has Franklin fallen over yet?", "How long is Franklin going to last before he melts away?"


The snow day was fun - for sure, but it is now March and this momma, for one, is ready for some warmer weather. Melt away, Franklin. Melt away. Whose with me?


IMAGES | Tahlia after eating some fresh snow | Alex & Tahlia building Franklin the snowman | Instagram