Eating Clean


I have to admit that I'm far from the picture of perfect health. Despite the fact that I stock our kitchen with predominately organic and/or local, fresh & healthy foods, I have three pretty major things working against me: 1. I am not a naturally good cook, as much as I aspire to be

2. I am a stress eater

3. I am bad, bad, bad about working out

It feels kind of good to admit those things out loud, by the way.

So I'm bound and determined to make this the year that I finally take control of my eating and exercise. Mostly so that I can continue to keep up with my amazing, whirlwind life. Don't get me wrong, I already have a LOT of energy but am just starting to feel myself lacking the strength and stamina to keep going at the pace with which I enjoy living. Does that make sense to anyone?

I've never been a dieter. I grew up bean pole thin and it wasn't until after Tahlia (my second child) was born that I really felt my body changing. It's the classic mom's story, really. Everything went right back to where it was supposed to after Alex (my first) was born but not so much after the second. And I'm not even talking about how I look, although that's part of it, it's more about how I feel. My core is just not as strong and it affects everything else in my body. I feel more aware of this than ever before - it's like my body is telling me "please, please start to take better care of me."

So all of this is to say that I'm making some changes. The first of which is that I started going to a trainer to help kick my butt (also so that I have no choice about whether or not to work out). My trainer, Kelly, really recommends following the Eating Clean principles as a way to rethink how I'm eating. It's not a diet, per say, but more of a healthy way of living which maintains that eating foods closest to their natural state (unprocessed), more often (5-6x per day), in the right combinations (lean protein, complex carbs & healthy fats) is the key to feeling and looking amazing. It makes common sense, actually. It's just eating thoughtfully as opposed to mindlessly, which is what I do when I'm stress eating. I've done some initial research, and ordered the book and cookbook, but am curious if any of you Eat Clean? If you do, I'd love to know how it's working for you. I'll keep you posted of my progress and we can support one another (no matter if you are also following this method or trying something else to get healthy).

Have a wonderful weekend, and a very happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there!


Image Credit: Farmers Market tomatoes photographed by Krista Nye Schwartz with Instagram.