20 Days


It all started as a hair brained idea well over a year ago. We were moving to Ann Arbor. Michael wanted to build new and be as eco-friendly as possible. I loved the idea of new, and definitely of building green, but couldn't get past my love for old homes and all of the things that come with them. Lots with mature trees. Hardwood floors with years of character ingrained in them, complete with squeaks. Intricate crown molding. These are things you can't duplicate in a new home. So when we found this beat up, haunted looking old cottage on the most perfect of tree lined streets in the neighborhood we wanted, it gave us both pause. Kind of perfect. It needed to be made essentially new on the inside which made Michael happy, but had great bones and there were enough things that were salvageable, like hard wood floors throughout and some pretty plaster molding, that it seemed to be the ideal compromise for us both. And so we jumped in head first. Found a rental home to plant ourselves for the year and had blueprints drawn up. Hindsight is always 20/20, right? Had we known it was going to take well over a year and far exceed our original budget would we still have made the choice to do it?


It's been a labor of love and learning for us both, but especially me. I've been schooled on masonry and woodworking. Choosing the perfect stain color. The virtues of geothermal vs. traditional heating and cooling, and so much more.


I'll be sharing some photos of the course of the project with you as we're counting down to our move in date. T-20 days! These shots are of the rough stuff that was required but trust me, there's lots & lots of pretty interior design selections which I can't wait to share with you.

And the answer to the question above, in case you are wondering, is yes. Unequivocally yes. We would do it all again in a heartbeat. I know every square inch of our new home and have thought through the functionality and design of every single room. I can't imagine ever living in or loving another home quite as much as this one.