Home Sweet Home


I’ve just had the most lovely month off from the blog, and while I missed it (and all of you) tremendously, it was a necessary break in so many ways. The best thing that happened during my time away is that we finally moved into the new/old house that we’ve been renovating for the past year and half. The last two weeks of August were spent unpacking and busily putting everything in its place, which to a Type A personality like myself is pretty much a dream come true. The first 10 days of September were spent savoring every little detail of our new home, exploring our neighborhood with my family and just pretty much relaxing. The kids are enjoying their new schools and for the first time in a really long time, everything feels just right. Can you hear my deep, deep exhale from where you are?

It feels good to be home, and good to be back. Please tell me, what is new in your world?