Chevron + A $100 Giveaway!

Did you guys catch our guest post over at Annie Selke's Fresh American last week? We had such fun putting this special Fab Five together for them. To learn more about our inspiration for this piece, read on...

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It’s no secret that we at CLOTH & KIND have a long-standing love affair with patterns in textiles, and as interior designers, it has become a hallmark of our design aesthetic. While we are drawn to all manner of textile designs, without fail, we always come back to the chevron as a favorite. There is just something essential and noble about the chevron, with its inverted V-shaped motif, in all its variations, that piques our fancy.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones to delight in the zigzag pattern, because it dates back to ancient times, as seen in archaeological recovery of Greek pottery designs, as well as in early rock carvings. Throughout history, the geometric chevron has been commonly used as a military insignia and in the heraldry images of countless coats of arms and flags. To that end, the chevron has become part of our collective consciousness, and it’s no wonder that the pattern is a stalwart fixture in the graphic-design motifs found in many textile designs.

Our Fab Five inspiration started with the intoxicatingly beautiful Dash & Albert Zigzag Multi micro-hooked rug. We were immediately drawn in by the color combinations that when paired with the zigzag pattern create a cheerful graphic punch. We could see this rug working in a variety of settings, lending a playful air to the room.

We have always been fans of all things Arjumand and would likely sell our souls for the Herringbone Cool wallpaper from the Imperial Collection.

And who wouldn’t love one of Caitlin McGauley’s zigzag trays? We love Caitlin’s whimsical hand-drawn chevron motif on white porcelain accented with 22k gold.

And, let’s be honest, Kelly Wearstler nails graphic patterns and has done so again with this Groundworks for Lee Jofa trimming.

And even if you have been living under a rock, it would be hard to miss how much light has been shed on the beauty of wood floors laid in a chevron or herringbone pattern. Hands down, few companies do this with new floors as impeccably as Exquisite Surfaces.


So, what’s your favorite pattern? If it’s chevron, then you’re in luck, as we’re partnering with Annie to offer you a $100 Pine Cone Hill shopping credit, where you can shop all sorts of chevrons. Click HERE to enter over on Fresh American... and best of luck to you!