The Teeny Tiny Kind


As if on cue, I received a package in the mail yesterday from my dear friend Rasheena. She always seems to know right when I need a pick-me-up. I had just gotten news from our builder that our move in date had been pushed back (yet again) and was in such a funk about it. I know it seems trivial, but I've been waiting for nearly a year and a half to move into this house. All the while planning every detail and slowly but surely breathing life back into it. So when I reached in the mailbox and found the loveliest little package from Rasheena it made me smile. I knew it would be good before I even opened it because she has such a genuine knack for noticing details about a person and finds incredibly thoughtful ways of showing you she remembers. It's a quality that I most admire in her and it's made me realize that far too few people actually possess this skill. So, anyway, inside the package was a darling little ampersand stamp along with this handwritten note. She, of all people, knows far too well how I agonized over just the right font for the ampersand in CLOTH & KIND. Yesterday, it was this itty bitty package that was everything to me.