Applique from Holland & Sherry

Details: Embroidery from Holland & Sherry | CLOTH & KIND

We are total and complete suckers for the littlest of details, which is why we are big old fans of the Holland & Sherry showroom. They carry so many of our favorite to-the-trade lines, plus their own line is divine. Like the exquisite Nara applique shown above - how amazing is this?!

We are also immensely appreciative of the fact that their website (relaunched and improved as of today) shows such incredibly detailed photos of each textile. It's this kind of attention to detail, both in their product and in the care they have taken to put together such a fantastic online resource that differentiates them from the rest and keeps designers like Tami and me coming back over and over again. Oh, and we also just adore our rep in Chicago - Michael Madalinski (hi, Mike!)

Who else out there in the design world is doing a great job at the tiniest of details? There are many, we know, and we'd love to hear your input.