Design ADAC

April & May are just chock-full of fun stuff for us here at CLOTH & KIND. We're both honored & super excited to have been invited to present at the BRADLEY showroom at ADAC, along with textile designer Victoria Larson, on What's New, What's Next in Textile Trends as part of the Veranda-hosted Design ADAC event. We cannot thank visionary Michelle Bradley enough for her constant support of CLOTH & KIND and for creating this opportunity for us.


Of course, in pure C&K style, we're pulling out all the stops and have done video interviews with some of our favorite names in textile design to spill on the changes in the world of textile design due to technology and the internet as well as what's next in textiles. Expect to hear from John Robshaw, Zak Profera of ZAK + FOX, Susan Hable Smith of Hable Construction, Clay McLaurin & Todd Piercy of Clay McLaurin Studio, Seema Krish, and Elizabeth Hewitt of Tulu Textiles. Also, we are thrilled that Victoria Larson will be sharing the soapbox with us and speaking about her experience as an independent textile designer. We would love for you to join us if you can, but if not, look for an upcoming blog post with snippets from the presentation.