Set The Table


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Did you all see Bonnie Berry's delicious post this morning for Coffee Toffee? How incredible does that look? Like Bonnie, I am a huge, I mean HUGE, coffee drinker. I literally can't function before my first cup of morning joe. So the idea of this recipe which combines a little bit of sweet with a little caffeine kick had me at hello. (Note to self: keep this one away from Alex & Tahlia as the last thing they need are any extra jolts of energy).

I feel like Bonnie is my own personal cooking cheerleader, because as you know from my previous posts I'm really quite untalented in the kitchen - and that's putting it mildly. I lack any natural talent to the extent that even when I do follow a recipe to a T, it often still comes out poorly. The idea for this column was selfishly motived, I admit it... because I desperately want to learn to be a better cook and somehow having Bonnie's tried and true sage advice, plus hearing about her stumbles and trips along the way make trying new recipes not quite so intimidating. I'll keep you posted on my progress, and please let us know if you're trying these new recipes out and how they're working for you too.

I may not know my way around a kitchen, but I do know good design and so I'll be following up each of Bonnie's posts with a 'Set The Table' post later the same day. This is the first. My hope is to share with you how to 'get the look' so you'll be equally as motivated to try new recipes and find beautiful ways to plate your food.

We're open to suggestions, so by all means - let us know which recipes you'd like to see Bonnie make and photograph. submissions(at)clothandkind(dot)com. In the meantime, enjoy your coffee toffee and try to limit yourself to one cup (er, serving) per day.