No. 54

CLOTH & KIND // Palette No. 54 by Clay McLaurin
Cool blues mixed with deep indigos. This collection was inspired by a trip to the West Indies. There is a sense of history, relaxation and easy sophistication that still remains in the islands that I fell in love with.

Clay  put together today's Palette for us using textiles from his new Spring 2016 collection, which we're currently obsessing over. Keep an eye out for Reeds in CLOTH & KIND's upcoming window at Southern Style Now in New Orleans in May!

RIGHT // Nori in Mineral (#C21)
BOTTOM // Reeds in Indigo (#C18)
LEFT // Rattan in Indigo (#C20)

CLOTH & KIND // Krista & Tami

No. 53

CLOTH & KIND // Palette No. 53

Today's Palette includes textiles from two brilliant textile designers who both also happen to be Proust on Design alumni, John Robshaw & Lulu DK. You can read each of their responses to our infamous questionnaire here and here.

TOP RIGHT // Poppy in Silver from Lulu DK for Duralee (#64002LD-2)
BOTTOM RIGHT // Sarwan in Stone from John Robshaw for Duralee (#DU15763-435)
MIDDLE LEFT // Nizam in Indigo from John Robshaw for Duralee (#15752-193)

CLOTH & KIND // Krista & Tami