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Kate Tremel Clay

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, Kate Tremel Clay

If you haven't heard, BIG things are happening over here at CLOTH & KIND.  We just opened our brand new Showroom & Shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan!  One of the things close to our hearts and at the core of this venture for us is to promote local Ann Arbor, MI (and Athens, where our Georgia team is based!) artisans.  For us, Kate Tremel's lovely, organic ceramics were an obvious choice. We're thrilled to say that we are carrying Kate's pieces in the Shop, and are excited to introduce y'all to her and her work here.

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, Kate Tremel Clay

Studying Spanish and Anthropology in undergrad, Kate came to love pottery after taking a couple community art classes.  She took a time off of school and pursued her passion, studying pottery under a traditional ceramicist, specializing in large vessels, Josue Luis Yamunaque.  After finishing college, Kate Tremel then attended graduate school Cranbrook Academy of Art, focusing her studies on mixed media sculpture the village pot.  She even had a stint living in Athens, GA - what are the odds?! She is now a professor at the Penny Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan, located right in Ann Arbor.

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, Kate Tremel Clay

Drawing inspiration from nature, such as moss growing on a rock, she is constantly stimulated by her surroundings. Kate is process-oriented, focusing her design on improvisation.  In fact, she loves when a piece surprises even herself.  Delving deep into the details of her process, Kate Tremel is fascinated by the intimate connection between maker and creation.  She describes the sensuality of wet clay, the texture and form of clay reminiscent of skin.  It is this deep relationship with her work that allows her to create pieces that are accessible and engaging to the viewer.

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, Kate Tremel Clay

Her motto in design is simplicity.  From the clean, simple lines of her nesting bowls, to the pierced vases and lamps, Kate Tremel has mastered sophisticated, intriguing ceramics, with a overall sense of uncluttered beauty, and we're wholly in love with her work.


St. Udio

Bringing old school artistry back, St. Udio is the Athens, GA-based blacksmith metal and woodworking studio of our dreams.  Starting in 2011, this local artisanal workshop has made a name for itself in the area as the go-to choice for custom metalwork.

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, St. Udio

Based out of Athens, Georgia, the Partners, Andrew Flage and Mike Harboldt both earned their Fine Arts degrees from the University of Georgia.  Their work ranges from sleek minimal vent hoods to Art Nouveau-esque gates.  We met with Andrew to discuss his design process; which he describes as "a dialogue with the client."  Beginning with initial concepts, they turn to sketching, then AutoCAD.  A true artisan, Andrew said his favorite projects are the ones that require hands-on hammering and "firing up the forge," rather than laser-cutting.

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, St. Udio
CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, St. Udio

Interested in the tongue in cheek namesake of St. Udio?  Andrew said growing up, he oftentimes visited his aunt in California.  They had a little shack in the backyard used as an art room.  On the front, there were the letters of "Studio," with a circular light after the "St."  They affectionately referred to the small building as Saint Udio; of which Andrew Flage ultimately named his blacksmith workshop.

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, St. Udio

We feel unbelievably blessed to be able to partner and collaborate with artisans like St. Udio.  In our world today, artisans today who get down and dirty in their craft seem to be a thing of the past.  But, St. Udio and its team give us hope.  Makers and craftsmen are still around, and are still making a huge impact on the design world.

CLOTH & KIND // Liz.jpg

PHOTO CREDITS // The top image was taken by Paige French, the bottom three images were taken from the St. Udio's Website.

Thistle & Bess

We adore our local shops, creatives, and makers - both in Athens, GA & in Ann Arbor, MI alike! - and Thistle & Bess stands out as a truly unique spot that had us all hooked upon first stepping foot in this charming & lovely shop. 

Growing up outside of Ann Arbor, owner Diana Marsh attended college at the University of Michigan and worked as an elementary school teacher in New York.  But, her heart always yearned to open an eclectic, vintage-inspired boutique.  

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, Thistle & Bess.jpg

Beginning as a jewelry line based out of Brooklyn, NY, Thistle & Bess specialized in antique and vintage accessories.  But, in the concrete, copy-cat culture of consumerism, Diana realized the need for diversity and creativity in the current marketplace.  Thus was born the store of her dreams, a beacon of light in the jungle of mass-produced products, Thistle & Bess opened in the Kerrytown Market of Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2015. 

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, Thistle & Bess.jpg

Supporting artisans local and worldwide, Thistle & Bess boasts a vast collection of curated prints, jewelry, home accessories, and paper goods.  When asked about her process of selecting new products, Diana said that she is always on a treasure hunt.  On top of the never-ending search for new artists, she loves how her store has enabled her to get involved with the community and create friendships in the neighborhood.

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, Thistle & Bess.jpg

We also couldn't resist inquiring about the store's name!  With a rich family history traced back to Scotland and England, and a self proclaimed "history nerd," Diana hoped to incorporate these two aspects of her life in the name of her store.  Thistle is the emblem of Scotland, known to be tough, yet beautiful.  The latter half of the name, Bess, derives from the nickname for Queen Elizabeth I, "Good Queen Bess."

CLOTH & KIND // Loving Local, Thistle & Bess.jpg

If you're not a fellow Ann Arborian, fear not!  The curated collection of treasures is also available on their website.  You can also peruse creative workshops ranging from a class on reading Tarot cards to a lesson on paper flower bouquets.  Hop on over, check it out, you will thank us later.

CLOTH & KIND // Ava.jpg

Header and Bottom Two Photos: Silver Thumb Photography
Top Two Photos: Ava Sherick, CLOTH & KIND Junior Design Assistant

Detroit Rug Restoration

Y'all know we love nothing more than supporting small businesses because these are the makers & artisans, the shopkeepers & visionaries, the heart & soul behind what keeps our communities authentic. We can think of no better example than Edmond & Angela, the brother and sister team who founded and run Detroit Rug Restoration, and were blown away when we recently visited their space on 8 Mile Road in Detroit

The pair's great grandfather founded DRR's sister company, Hagopian, a rug cleaning company, in 1939 but it wasn't until Edmond & Angela recognized the importance of preserving handwoven and hand-knotted rugs and the growing movement for layering vintage rugs in modern homes that Detroit Rug Restoration was born. 

Because this company is one of a very small handful of highly reputable workrooms in the country that offers specialty restoration services like re-weaving, fringe replacement, and more, they have the privilege of working on rugs from from around the world. Damn, we are fortunate to have them in our own backyard! Not only because of what kind and genuine people Edmond, Angela and their entire, wicked talented team are, but also because of their deep and vast supply of jaw-dropping antique and vintage rugs.   

I have always thought of rugs as having life to them... Like the weaver left a little of their soul in each piece they created. Beautifully crafted rugs age a lot like people. Not better or worse, just very different over time… very human.
— Edmond Hagopian

Detroit Rug Restoration also welcome custom requests - so if you're looking for a rug of a specific size, style or color palette give them a shout and they just may be able to track something perfect down for you. They even buy great pieces, so before you donate or toss that old rug, talk to these guys.  

Shop now and check back frequently as they are constantly refreshing their inventory (what you see online is only a very small fraction of the incredible rugs they have stacked up in their facility). Enjoy!

CLOTH & KIND // Krista & Tami

We love us some vintage rugs here at CLOTH & KIND Interiors. Here are a few of our personal favorites in recent design projects. Check out our Portfolio for more and Contact Us to get something beautiful going in your own home.

Clay McLaurin + Bungalow Classic

Clay McLaurin, the ever talented Atlanta based textile designer that we simply adore (...you may recall that we used his Brush fabric in Twilight on the custom screens in our LCDQ Legends window, see below) has launched an exclusive line of textiles with another Atlanta favorite, Bungalow Classic.

Loving Local: Clay McLaurin + Bungalow Classic // CLOTH & KIND
Loving Local: Clay McLaurin + Bungalow Classic // CLOTH & KIND

Clay's painterly textile designs have had us enthusiastically recommending him for CLOTH & KIND interior design projects left and right, and so we are thrilled to see this new and exciting creative output from him in the form of a partnership with Bungalow Classic - who, incidentally, also always gets it right. It's a divine collaboration!

Here is a peek at a few of the new fabrics from their line.

Loving Local: Clay McLaurin + Bungalow Classic // CLOTH & KIND
Loving Local: Clay McLaurin + Bungalow Classic // CLOTH & KIND

Congrats Clay + Bungalow!

Southern Makers

Spring has sprung and with all the green busting out on the vine, so too are great events happening everywhere. The Southern Makers, held in Montgomery, Alabama May 3, 2014 (with fun kickoff party is Friday May 2!), is a one day festival celebrating all things homegrown and handmade in Alabama. The event, which is held in the Union Station Train Shed in downtown Montgomery, is chock full of markets, workshops and educational sessions, and features tops chefs, fashion designers, woodworkers and farmers, all brandishing their talents and wares. It is an unprecendented opportunity to "Meet your Maker" as the venue touts, and never has there been a more inspiring gathering of southern talent in one place.

Icing on the funnel cake, all proceeds from ticket sales benefit E.A.T. South (Educate. Act. Transform), an organization that encourages healthy lifestyles through education and sustainable food production in urban areas throughout the Southeast.

Kudos to those behind the making of Southern Makers: the vision was realized, created and curated by architecture-engineering firm Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc., design consulting firm Matter, and  E.A.T. South.

If you're lucky enough to attend, kindly bend our ear about how fantastic it was when you are back! We'll be watching from afar, wishing we were there.


PHOTO CREDITS | All images have been provided by Southern Makers. Top two images were taken by Michelle Marie Photography, the third image by Grace Photography and the last graphic is the website which was designed by Matter.

Athens Fashion Collective

Loving Local: Athens Fashion Collective | CLOTH & KIND

When I transferred from the College of Charleston to Athens, GA to attend UGA as a college student in 1990, my plan was to move back to my roots, specifically the beach, as soon as I graduated. But like many transplants before and after me, Athens has a way of ensnaring you to stay, in the best kind of way. I fell completely in love with the enchanting energy of this small North Georgia town, with its huge magnolia trees and historic homes on practically every corner. In the end though, what really sealed the deal for me was that I became an integral part of a very palpable culture of creativity. For those of us who call Athens home, with our eyes closed, we can hardly throw a stick in any direction and not hit a ridiculously talented artist. I still marvel over just how much concentrated creative and varied talent resides in Athens, which includes successful artists, photographers, textile designers, cermacists, interior designers, architects, builders, woodworkers, chefs, musicians, and of late, fashion designers. And yet, the town remains very personal and relatable and on any given day, I could literally run into any number of these people at the farmer's market or local bakery. I can't imagine ever living anywhere else, ever again. Athens is home.

That said, just look what my town is up to now.

Athens Fashion Collective is an independent group of professionals founded by Sanni Baumgaertner, Rachel Barnes, and Maggie Benoit, that emphasizes locally made, sustainable fashion. Since its inception in the fall of 2010, the Athens Fashion Collective  has produced a semi-annual fashion show giving local designers an opportunity to present and sell their collections, while also collaborating with other creatives in the community, and promoting sustainability in production practices. This year's show, Revive + Recreate, is the sixth fashion show produced to date, and with each show, the Athens Fashion Collective members have worked to develop and support independent designers with a goal of facilitating small scale manufacturing here in Athens. "We hope to foster an environment for designers in which they can develop their lines here, as opposed to moving to New York, as well as a culture of consumers who want quality, locally-made garments," said Amy Flurry, an Athens Fashion Collective member and co-founder of paper-cut-project, who brings her own experience in international fashion to play on a local level. "Sustainable fashion is a design philosophy where the creation of the clothing is produced with consideration to the environmental and to the social impact. Essentially we want to create new work but with minimal waste, recycling when possible and keeping production closer to home so that those jobs stay home," Flurry explained. "We approach this with an eye toward making choices that enrich the community we inhabit rather than deplete it." In other words, this is do good fashion with heart and pluck.

Loving Local: Athens Fashion Collective | CLOTH & KIND

Plan to see collections from six different area designers including Community Service, Laurel Wells, Shawna Lea Maranville, Lindsey Simunec, Colleen Quinn, and Zidisha Dambuza. Many of the designers have hand-dyed their fabrics and in keeping with the show's Revive + Recreate theme, many have repurposed vintage pieces. Expect a showcase of talent, including the production contributions of Meredith Thornhill and Seyi Amosu, as well as local hair and makeup artists from Pageboy, Model Citizen, Elijana Cosmetics, Mary Sigalas, and Mary E. Denis. The talent stretches beyond fashion design though as no party is complete in Athens without a wicked DJ and good food. Bring your dancing shoes and come hungry for bites from sponsor The National and parnter Epting Events.

Fashion show aside, I also can't wait to see the show's venue, an incredible new event space located on the second floor at One Press Place, in the Athens Banner Herald newspaper building downtown. The venue touts huge old windows that flood the space with natural light and look out over the gorgeous Athens Greenway and with its rode hard and hung to dry industrial feel, the space alone is worth coming out to see. However, Epting Events, on board as a partner in Revive + Recreate showcase, made this space happen for the Athens Fashion Collective and have significantly contributed to making this year's venue unmistakably unique. Pair that with the venue's gracious size, accessibility and proximity to downtown, it makes for an ideal spot for the Revive + Recreate fashion show.

Loving Local: Athens Fashion Collective | CLOTH & KIND

Moving forward with a with a vision of local manufacturing, the Athens Fashion Collective is also in dialogue with Epting Events about using their current event facility, one that still houses a number of industrial sewing machines and cutting tables from the last occupants. "We have been talking with them about the possibility of reviving those tools in a more modern, small scale production, possibly as a collective," Flurry said.

Curious about what to expect from this show? Have a look at this video from the 2011 Athens Fashion Collective fall show. You in? Then here's the NTK: Tickets are only for sale at the door. Bring cash or CC. There are only 100 seats, but they are not reserved so if you’d like to sit, you need to get there early, otherwise plan to stand.

WHAT:  Athens Fashion Collective Fall Fashion Show "Revive + Recreate"

WHEN: Thursday, September 26 from 8-10 (show starts promptly at 8:30)

WHERE:  Suite 220 at One Press Place, Athens, GA  (Athens Banner Herald newspaper building downtown next to the Classic Center)

PRICE:  $10 ($7 with a student ID)




I'm really excited about this new column, Loving Local, because there are so many incredible places in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas that I've been wanting to tell you all about! Though we moved here nearly 2 years ago, it's only been since we completed the gut rehab of our home about 6 months ago and got moved in that I feel like I've settled in enough to get out and explore, and finally claim this quirky university town as my home. The first place that I've been itching to write about for some time now is METAL.

Loving Local: Metal | CLOTH & KIND

METAL is a full-service design and fabrication studio, co-owned by John Walters & Claudette Stern. They create super high quality pieces of sculptural, utilitarian and mechanical forms all from, you guessed it... metal. Their brick and mortar shop at 220 Felch Street in Ann Arbor is a place of pure inspiration, as you will see from the photos below, with lofted ceilings, exposed beams and white brick walls which create the backdrop for a mixture of high-end furniture, fine art, and vintage objects. But don't fret, if you can't make it here in person METAL also has a fantastic selection of goodies in their online shop, including their newly launched line of custom furniture.

Loving Local: Metal | CLOTH & KIND
Loving Local: Metal | CLOTH & KIND

METAL also does a significant amount of custom work, which is how I first came across them. I needed to have some shelving made for the kitchen in the home we were rehabbing. I knew exactly what I wanted and had the design roughly sketched out but needed someone who understood the material to work with me on finalizing it and actually producing the pieces. I was referred to John at METAL and as soon as I walked into the place and started talking with him I knew he was the guy to do the job. You know how you can just sense incredible talent & quality, almost like a gut instinct? That's how I felt. And I was right. The shelving that John made for me turned out perfectly and remains one of my favorite parts of our kitchen, as well as one of the things that people most ask about (while oooo'ing and ahhh'ing over them). They also helped me convert a beautiful old zinc washtub that I found at the Ann Arbor Antique Market into my laundry sink by mounting it onto the base of an old metal stool. It's another conversation starter in our home, for sure.

Loving Local: Metal | CLOTH & KIND

If you're in town visiting, John & Claudette would love for you to stop by and see their blacksmithing and fabrication in action, as well as peruse their shop's unique collection. You will be so glad you did.

Loving Local: Metal | CLOTH & KIND

METAL | 220 Felch Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | 800.613.6385 | www.metaloffmain.com


IMAGE CREDITS | All photographs taken by Krista Nye Schwartz of CLOTH & KIND